The EAL curriculum facilitates English language competencies in the four key learning areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  When requested, EAL monthly topics are integrated with that of the topics studied in the Japanese curriculum in each year level.

Objectives of the EAL Programme

The objective of the EAL programme is firstly to improve the students’ English level proficiency. Secondly, it is to develop the academic skills appropriate to the students’ age and grade. Some examples of these academic skills are: reading novels or extracts of novels, poetry, discussing and responding to texts; reading skills such as finding the main idea, summarising, conducting research and note-taking and writing a variety of texts. As the classes are small, the teachers are able to provide individual assistance and tasks.

 In terms of ELICOS teaching methodology the teachers support an integrated, communicative approach to planning and delivery where language items are taught within a context. They use a mixture of teacher-centred and student-centred activities and they are committed to making the classroom a dynamic, interactive learning environment where students are encouraged to actively implement the linguistic structures and skills taught, in pair work, group work and individual activities.


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