The Japanese School of Melbourne

The Independent Japanese School of Melbourne provides Japanese education to Japanese children from Grade 1 to Year 9, living in Melbourne. The curriculum is based on Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports, and Technology guidelines. It is reviewed annually and school hours match schools in Japan. Subjects taught are Japanese, Social Study, Living Study, Science, Mathematics, Music, Arts, Physical Education, Home-economics and English. All are taught in Japanese except English and English as an additional language (EAL). We have increased the number of English lessons and incorporated EAL into the curriculum.

Our students are mainly children of expatriates and their enrolment is limited to 2 to 5 years. After Year 9, most return to Japan to enter High School. The school strives for the highest standard in Japanese education to enable students to successfully complete their education in Japan.

The School is recognised as a specific purpose school by Victoria’s Department of  Education. Students take a NAPLAN test to increase English proficiency but because the Japanese curriculum is taught in Japanese, NAPLAN does not provide an accurate comparison with other Australian schools, or reflect students’ performances and abilities. Visit:

The Japanese School of Melbourne
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